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Your organization's Sustainability is only as good as the vision, Mission, Objectives and values behind it.

  • Team

The organisations comprises of expats from various fields, working together for a faster development. The team shares a same sense of purpose, goals and objective enabling effectiveness and efficiency. The team works under the leadership and guidance of Mr. D.D. Dhokare, who initiated the formation and progress of the company.

The team today, has a vast experience in executing various projects in its field of expertise. Periodic Training related to heat transfer and thermal engineering by our mentor Mr. D.D.Dhokare enables the organization to design and manufacture a very high performing and a quality products at economical cost and by Training

Working For Green Environment

  • Reducing wastage of heat and thus saving energy.
  • Reducing input fuel by increasing efficiency.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions for Future. (Replacing use of conventional energy source by specially developed solar thermal systems suitable for industrial application)
  • Pollution control equipment’s