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Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Any exhaust gas stream with temperatures above 150°C has the potential for significant waste heat recovery. Typical examples include plant process heating, combustion air pre-heating, boiler feed water pre-heating and furnace exhaust heat. In addition to savings in everyday fuel consumption, many facilities can market and sell carbon credits back to industry. State funding is often available for waste heat recovery projects helping to reduce capital costs and expedite system payback.

Enersys heat recovery systems are designed for ease of installation at industrial facilities. We can generate clean, reliable, and low-cost energy from a wide range of processes. Enersys offers solution to improve the efficiency of these industrial processes while increasing financial returns.

Various Sources for Waste Heat Recovery:

  • All boilers, thermal fluid heater systems and related processes
  • Exhaust heat in flue gases from all type of D.G. Sets (HSD fired, LPG fired, and heavy fuel oil fired).
  • Jacket heat recovery from engine.
  • Exhaust heat recovery from gas turbine exhaust. Paper mills Steel plants Oil & gas refineries Textile process Food and pharmaceutical Gas compressor stations
  • Hot waste gases from :–
  •      o Scrap steel furnace
         o Cement kilns
         o Industrial Furnace
         o Glass plants
         o Waste gases from chemical process
         o Incinerators

Enersys designs and manufactures a wide variety of waste heat boilers for producing Hot Water, Steam and Thermal Fluid.

Illustration on Waste Heat Recovery and Benefits:

Heat Recovery Projects

  • 1.2 MW saving in Captive Power Plant at m/s Shah Alloys Ltd, Santej, near Ahmedabad.. The heat recovery system generates pressurised high temperature water which is used for process heating, replacing electrical heating of furnace oil and lube oil purification etc. It is integrated seamlessly with the Captive Power Plant (CPP) facility with automatic Control System. The CPP has 7 DG sets (FO fired) to generate more than 6,00,000 units/day.
  • 200 kW Heat recovery facility is supplied to Jindal Steel Ltd, Hissar for saving power from 2500 kW furnace oil fired DG sets.
  • 350 kW Heat recovery facility is supplied to Maral Overseas Ltd, M.P. for saving power from 2 nos 2500 kW furnace oil fired DG sets.
  • A large size “Heat Recovery Air Heater” designed and manufactured for Birla White (Cement), Jodhpur, for kiln exhaust gas. This was in association with Enviro division of Thermax Ltd.